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About New York Lightning:

The New York Lightning (“NYL”), a subsidiary of the Long Island Lightning Basketball organization, is one of New York City’s most successful of its kind. While many know of its participation in the high-profile Nike EYBL Circuit, the premier high school showcase league in the country, very few are aware of the broad-reaching social and educational programs it deploys to the other student-athletes that are part of the organization.

Unlike other larger-scale AAU basketball organizations, the NYL considers itself a grassroots endeavor. We do not have a board of directors composed of wealthy individuals by design. However, we do have an advisory board who assists us with decision making and strategic organizational direction. This has enabled us to maintain the control and integrity of our program, focusing on the development of young athletes with the goal of them becoming productive members of their communities. Being part of the community is central to the success of the NYL. We are very selective in every aspect of the organization - from the coaches and other professionals to the athletes and their families. We demand a lot from our athletes not only on the court but off of it as well. They are expected to contribute to their community in a positive way and study diligently in the classroom.



New York Lightning (NYL) mission is to provide a platform for student athletes to achieve higher education and opportunities through basketball while teaching them life skills to become the next leaders for our society.


The NYL is different from other AAU organizations in the following ways;

  • Our coaches are not paid employees. They perform their jobs in a professional manner solely for the love of the game and their desire to help young athletes to reach their personal goals.

  • The NYL has been a consistently successful high-level Nike–sponsored team in the most competitive circuit in the country, the EYBL. In 2016, it has had the most athletes go to Division I institutions (32) than any other EYBL team in the last nine years. Three of this year’s top 12 top-scoring freshman have played for the Lightning. In 2016, 66 of the top 100 high school players in the country play on the EYBL circuit

  • We are not just an EYBL Team. We run 8 high school, 5 middle schools as well as other non-sponsored AAU teams composed of male and female athletes. 

  • Lightning athletes are students first. We monitor student athletes during the school year making sure they are aware of the necessary requirements to qualify for college. The organization supplies tutoring, advisory and consulting services available to those in need.

  • We are champions of diversity. Our players are not only from the Tri-State area but also from outside the United States. We are one of the few AAU organizations that actively seeks out players of diverse cultures, languages, and socio-economic environments.

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