Frequently asked questions

How can I join NY Lightning?

You can become a member by one or two ways: (1) being recruited by one of our coaches or scouts or (2) going through our tryout process.

When are tryouts?

High school tryouts are in February. Middle school tryouts are in September.

Is NY Lightning a sponsored program?

Yes, NY Lightning is a NIKE sponsored EYBL program.

Do you run camps?

Yes, we do organize camps during the summer. We usually have camps in July or August.

How many teams are in your organization?

We have multiple teams in our program consisting of EYBL and Select teams (5 EYBL teams, 6 Select teams).

Does your organization scout High School games?

Yes, our staff frequently attend various High School games across the tri-state searching for new talent.

Does NY Lightning offer skill development?

Yes, we specialize in skill development. We have staff throughout NYC and Connecticut who conduct individual training with our players.

Can I join NY Lightning if I live in a different state?

Yes, the bordering state rule allows up to 3 players who live in neighboring states to play. However, states must border New York State, such NJ, CT, PA, MA and VT.

Can I become a part of NY Lightning as a non-player?

Yes, we offer opportunities for non-athletes such as photographers, videographers and administrative roles. If interested, please email your resume to or

How can I make a donation?

Yes, contributions can be made through traditional methods of checks. Also, contributions can be made via our donations tab. All donations are tax-deductible as we are a non-profit 501-c3 organization.